Carpet and Upholstery Professional Cleaning Services

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services


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As Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in London, Cleaner Team recommend the professional carpet cleaning service to take place twice or more times a year, if you have small children, pets or if you suffer from allergies. Besides the health issues related to the need of carpet cleaning, there is also the esthetic issue. Your home is a reflection of your life and how you have chosen to live it. Maintaining and making your carpet looking good is always beneficial and positively affects your self esteem and mood. It makes your house a pleasant place to relax, rest and have fun with your family, friends and guests. Cleaner Team says, having a professional carpet cleaning service does not necessaraly have to cost you a fortune, with our excellent discounts on carpet and upholstery cleaning services below and with the additional discount you can get, you save BIG!

Single Room£25NOW ONLY  £19.80
Double Room£30NOW ONLY £25
Master Room£35NOW ONLY £29.50
Living Room/Dinning Room/Lounge(Standard)£38.50NOW ONLY£32.50
Bathroom (depending on size)£11.25 - £25.00NOW ONLY £5.50 - £14.00
Hollway (depending on size)£16 - 29.50NOW ONLY £9.00 - £18.50
Flight of stairs (14 steps)£35NOW ONLY £21.50
Step£4.50NOW ONLY £1.85
Landing (depending on size)£11.25 - £29.00NOW ONLY £6.50 - £17.00
Rug (depending on size)£24.50 - £46.25NOW ONLY £12.50 - £25.50
single / double / king size
£45.00 - £52.75 60.00NOW  £21.00 - £24.50- 31.00
fabric / leather
£22.50 - £46.25NOW ONLY £11.00 - £21.50
2 Seater Sofa
fabric / leather
£65.00 - £90.00NOW ONLY  £30.25 - £39.50
3 Seater Sofa
fabric / leather
£70.50 - £105.50NOW ONLY  £37.00 - £48.50
fabric / leather
£40.00 - £60.00NOW ONLY  £19.50 - £31.50
Foot Stool
fabric / leather
£22.50 - £33.75NOW ONLY £11.00 - £16.50

* £50 minimum charge may apply.* Congestion charge and parking fees may apply.* All prices above will be subject to VAT!

For more information and quotation, please contact our helpful team by calling 0208 2200 324 or send us an e-mail and we will be happy to help you. And if you are happy and would like to go ahead and book this service today, please use the link bellow.

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